Digi-line by Korinksy

Digi-line is a developement of the scanner-series. Originally horizontally arranged they here fall down from above as a long stripe and jut out into the room. The movement of the lights is almost unvisible at first sight and the eyes automatically try to connect them to a vertical line - an expectation that in fact never happens to become reality. The sound of each scanner is precisely hearable, for that reason something like a melody arises which is determinated by the duration of the movement in one direction until it changes - forwards and backwards create their own special sound.


(/ˈnuqt'a/) is a colloquial term used in Farsi meaning dot.
A Project by NULLSIGHT, Media arts collective from Tehran, collection of conceptual, practical, and technology-oriented objects, contributing to the promotion of the media-art business.
What defines the identity of distinction is where the self ends and the other begins: the point in which the individual body and the social framework is shaped. NOXTE is based on this idea of liberation of bodies and going beyond boundaries.
The mystical revelation & free exploration of mind & soul while experiencing the trauma of living in the third world country, limitations, boundaries and different kind of social orders, are what NOXTE is trying to observe & share as a different value of art.
The idea of going beyond the boundaries, ignoring the reality & seeking in deeper concepts is the manifest in how the works are selected: the objects that lost their original function for their were merely used decoratively; similar to body itself that is now an old-fashioned entity, falling to pieces in different frameworks.