Satelliten by Quadrature

There are over one thousand operational satellites orbiting the Earth. However, despite their application, they remain mostly invi,br>sible from the Earth. Satelliten is a real time drawing machine. It consists of an autonomous system that traces passing satellites onto physical maps. Satelliten calculates the sheer number of satellites that pass by its location, as informed by a database produced by the US air force. Created using a number of tools such as grbl maps, atlas, stepper motors, motor drivers, electronics, sensors, aluminum, Arduino microcontrollers and Mini Pc, the machine in an area of approximately 10 square centimeters, draws the path of these passing satellites in realtime on paper. The result is a drawing that reveals physical traces of another manifestation of humanity, a layer of existence that may one day override the current one.
Recorded data from satellites passing over Tehran in October 2015.
Single edition, Pen on map.