Blind Illusion by Erfan Jamshidi

The information gathered by the eye and the ear is processed by the brain and vision often dominates the other senses. The illusion involves a sense of depth and distorts our perception of reality, it’s an incorrect perception of what you are seeing, what we see does not fit the properties of the object we are viewing. Illusions can use color, light and patterns to create images that can be deceptive or misleading to our brains. Noise and glitch are indistinguishable from sound and image, as both are vibrations and visual perception through a system, a short-lived fault in a system. The illusion arises when the brain receives and processes a sound and image.


(/ˈnuqt'a/) is a colloquial term used in Farsi meaning dot.
A Project by NULLSIGHT, Media arts collective from Tehran, collection of conceptual, practical, and technology-oriented objects, contributing to the promotion of the media-art business.
What defines the identity of distinction is where the self ends and the other begins: the point in which the individual body and the social framework is shaped. NOXTE is based on this idea of liberation of bodies and going beyond boundaries.
The mystical revelation & free exploration of mind & soul while experiencing the trauma of living in the third world country, limitations, boundaries and different kind of social orders, are what NOXTE is trying to observe & share as a different value of art.
The idea of going beyond the boundaries, ignoring the reality & seeking in deeper concepts is the manifest in how the works are selected: the objects that lost their original function for their were merely used decoratively; similar to body itself that is now an old-fashioned entity, falling to pieces in different frameworks.