Decidophobia by Shirin Rezaei

The dynamic and ever-changing nature of man is overcome by the stagnant, frozen circumstances dominating the society; a society in which, unlike its definition, individuality can only be an illusion. ‘Decision-making’ is no longer based on personal preferences, but is predetermined for you. Sometimes the world around us makes fluidity and change so impossible that we surrender to passivity, leaving our decisions for others to make. Taking the individuals out of their contexts and investigating their individualism will make it obvious that their approbation or destruction is not within the scope of their authorities. When the power of making decisions is overcome by the coldness and inertia of the status quo, abandoning it and staying passive seems to be the safest position for many. ‘Decidophobia’ is a state in which the individual is not able to make a decision in certain circumstances. Those in a state of decidophobia relinquish other people or outside agents to decide, and they will accept anything illustrated by others as the truth.