Pranic Energy by Nazli Shahvagh

Our blood, this seed of life, is abundant with cosmic energy that moves from the inside to the outside like a tree, flowing like a river, with a texture like that of the sky and the cosmos. Life revolves and spreads in the cosmos with one single pattern. Constantly circulating, our inner energy brings us into line with nature. What goes on the inside and the outside is closely tied together and interrelated. These images are a version of nature and we are witnessing a hidden cosmos within us; an intelligent world recognizably structured and familiar in every way. In the process of creating this series, the concepts of nature and its reflection were of most importance which leads to contemplation on the dual energy of life and death, pointing out all phenomena are constantly changing and joining together. To create these works, I put drops of my blood on a blood film and then under a microscope and recorded what was there without editing.


(/ˈnuqt'a/) is a colloquial term used in Farsi meaning dot.
A Project by NULLSIGHT, Media arts collective from Tehran, collection of conceptual, practical, and technology-oriented objects, contributing to the promotion of the media-art business.
What defines the identity of distinction is where the self ends and the other begins: the point in which the individual body and the social framework is shaped. NOXTE is based on this idea of liberation of bodies and going beyond boundaries.
The mystical revelation & free exploration of mind & soul while experiencing the trauma of living in the third world country, limitations, boundaries and different kind of social orders, are what NOXTE is trying to observe & share as a different value of art.
The idea of going beyond the boundaries, ignoring the reality & seeking in deeper concepts is the manifest in how the works are selected: the objects that lost their original function for their were merely used decoratively; similar to body itself that is now an old-fashioned entity, falling to pieces in different frameworks.