Visual and Computational Research Series by Rosi Grillmaire

natural processes: winds and fluids move, forces accumulate or grind each other, natural materials grow in most complex ways - and there are irrevocable rules that apply to all of them: Finding these rules and patterns has always been the drive for science and often the reason for art.
We learn how to work pen and paper to sketch and therebye understand our surroundings. We also learn how to sketch the patterns in language: equations and algorithms.
Visual computation is a way to combine both and show the function and beauty of natural processes.

This GIF series is the outcome of research on algorithms of fluid and motion dynamics.
Algorithmic research on fluid dynamics based on motion data of a moving image realized in vvvv.
Fluid: based on Navier-Stokes equation and the vvvv contribution of user flux.
Motion Data: Flowfield theorie applied to the principles of optical flow, based on the vvvv contribution of user princemio.